A Manual of First Degree Reiki & Self Healing

A Manual of First Degree Reiki and Self Healing

This is a comprehensive guide to First Degree Reiki, spirituality and healing and is for people who who want to find out about Reiki or those have already been initiated. A detailed guide to human consciousness, this manual carefully describes the chakra system, the soul and spirit and how mind, body and soul can be healed using Reiki. Spiritual subjects such as reincarnation, karma, destiny, free will and meditation are introduced. This manual guides you on an inner journey and a path of wise personal and spiritual development to help you to discover your soul and heal yourself and others.

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A Manual of Second Degree Reiki & Healing People

If you like my Reiki 1 Manual you will love my Manual of Second Degree Reiki & Healing People. For First Degree Reiki healers who are thinking of progressing and for Second Degree Reiki healers who want to develop their practices, this manual is packed with relevant and practical information, as well as further spiritual insights. It covers the scope and application of the sacred Reiki symbols for divine healing that transcends time and space. This manual covers advanced practical healing skills, using Reiki, such as soul retrieval, entity removal and spirit rescue. If you are thinking of practicing Reiki as a professional healer this manual is a must and even if you have no such ambition this manual will guide you to engage your Reiki healing in more competent and confident ways.

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A Manual of Second Degree Reiki & Healing People