Chapter 23 - Affirmations and Mantras

I have known many people who have experienced wonderful healing and life changes through using affirmations and mantras. One student of mine had amazing life changes just from thinking of things to be grateful for each night before sleeping. Affirmations can wisely guide the soul and there is no doubt that certain words can trigger powerful and deep changes. I wonder how many life times I have been a Christian or Buddhist, so that reciting the Lord's Prayer or the Heart Sutra now has a powerful effect on my soul.

Affirmations can be recited in the mind during walking or mundane tasks or focused on when meditating. Here is an affirmation that I created to help me at one time:

I am love and I am wisdom;
I am balance and I am harmony;
I am courage and I am compassion;
I am success and I am happiness;
I am abundance and I am gratitude.

An affirmation or mantra can be like a statement of intent for your life path, self-healing or spiritual commitment and can help you greatly. It may be something that you repeatedly reinforce so that it becomes deeply ingrained in your consciousness. This can serve as a constant reminder of your path of self-realisation and healing and can help you in times when you want some positive support or thought.

Your affirmation or mantra may include both general and specific aims that you feel are both wise and wanted. I have learned to be careful about what I pray and wish for. One thing that I feel is an excellent goal is to seek true happiness and this phrase is often used in my prayers for me and others. I also often pray for balance, harmony, love, peace and healing since all of these things are of immediate and long-term help to a person and a soul. An affirmation or mantra can change and develop as you do and might include what you see as currently important in your life and self-healing and what gives you purpose and direction. Let your highest goals be ambitious be in line with divine principles; may they affirm your universal oneness and divine union and lead to true happiness.

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