Chapter 21 - Balancing the Soul

Healing is fundamentally a process of positive change at a soul level. As our souls experience life in consecutive incarnations we usually learn and grow unevenly which creates imbalances in our souls. Healing happens when we resolve the inner conflicts that create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. The balances and imbalances in our souls are reflected in:

  • our thoughts and feelings;
  • our physical, mental and emotional health;
  • the sizes, shapes and colours of our chakras;
  • things that we find challenging and things that we find easy;
  • things that we lack and have an excess of in our lives;
  • the types of people in our lives and our relationships;
  • the way we feel about the world and universe around us.

We are all divine souls and whether or not we consciously recognise our spiritual essence, our souls will learn and grow in each life, however, we can consciously seek greater understanding, balance, health, happiness and inner peace through a more conscious learning journey.

Self-healing starts by make a commitment to understanding ourselves this will help our inner fears and pain to come to the surface and be healed. Some mental attitudes may be changed by simply learning and understanding a certain truth about ourselves but other things may be so deeply ingrained that it is difficult to be objective about the way that we feel. Some positive change may require a great deal of soul searching, reflection, meditation and prayer and determination to get to the root of a problem. Inevitably such issues are released and healed a little at a time.

Our inner balance can also be helped by creating outer balance. We all know some obvious aspects of a balanced life: that we should try to stay physically healthy by exercising, eating healthy foods and getting fresh air. A balanced life would mean having some fun, enjoying art and music and love-making. We should be diligent in our work, learn and grow and have a balanced spiritual practice. We should strive to love ourselves, our lives and other people. An absence or an excess of any of these things might indicate inner imbalance. Our free will allows us to create such positive changes in our lives although they will normally require us going outside our comfort zones and doing things that our inner fear makes us feel uncomfortable about. For instance being assertive when we fear speaking up or being forgiving when we fear being taken advantage of.

We know that we should be compassionate, strong, forgiving, courageous, kind, assertive, determined, flexible, logical, intuitive, passionate, powerful, meek, discriminating, trusting, firm, gentle, etc at the right times and for the right reasons but choosing the wisest option in a given situation can require self-awareness, prudence and integrity. Trusting the highest part of ourselves and seeking divine guidance are excellent ways of getting help to make wise and positive changes in situations where we might be unsure about the best thing to do.

We don't have to change everything at once and we can trust that we are all divinely guided on a healing journey but we may need a certain amount of courage and perseverance to get to some of our deeper issues which are revealed gradually. We may release something, understand what it was and think that it is gone and dealt with, only to have it reappear later, so that we can go into it deeper. The good news is that when they are gone, they are gone permanently. This kind of healing journey is not necessarily a quick fix but is the true way to permanent healing. We may have moments of ecstasy when an inner pain is suddenly and unexpectedly released and healed but the chances are that it has taken many lifetimes of growth to lead to that moment.

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