Chapter 28 - Conclusion

By undertaking your own path of self healing you are helping yourself and other people of this world. Through your own personal and spiritual growth you raise all human consciousness as well as your own. Learn to love and nurture yourself and you will become stronger, happier and potentially better at healing other people.

Here are some key points that summarise my advice and guidance to you on your Reiki and self-healing journey:

  • Trust that as a Reiki healer you are a channel for divine love and healing. Take time to give yourself healing. As you help and heal yourself, you help and heal all people
  • Take time to meditate, whatever experience you have. Use meditation to heal yourself, understand yourself, seek divine guidance or create divine union
  • Strive to understand yourself and understand ways in which you can create more balance and happiness in your life.
  • Develop your faith and trust that you are helped and guided every moment of your life by something that is conscious, wise, loving and greater than you, even if you find it difficult to conceive of such a thing.

Truth will be gradually revealed to you and you will learn and grow at the right time. You have nothing to fear or worry about and even in times of sorrow you should be aware that you have the best guidance in the universe at your side, giving you help, love and healing.

I hope that this manual serves you well but please contact me if you need help or guidance with your Reiki or spiritual practice.

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