Chapter 16 - Divine Guidance

Each and every consciousness is helped and guided by those that are greater than them to evolve and grow ever greater - more loving and wise. Each consciousness evolves and expands through the help of divine guidance.

Human existence on earth is especially blessed in that we are nurtured, protected, helped and guided by an abundance of great consciousnesses who watch over us every second of our lives. Such divine beings are divine representatives and there are great lords, masters, teachers, guides, healers and protectors and they know every thought in your head and every aspect and nuance of your soul. These great and divine beings may or may not reincarnate but the ones around the earth have generally chosen to help and guide those souls which are incarnate.

The great lords, such as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna may be so vast that they encompass the world and every human with their love, wisdom, help and guidance and hear every prayer and connection with every human being at every moment. The lords guide the masters who guide the teachers, etc and so every consciousness is guided ever upwards. We should acknowledge the astounding love, wisdom and help of these great beings and honour them with humility but we should always remember that the source of all divine love is that which ultimately guides us.

I was aware from the start of my spiritual journey of a guide who was protecting me and I found out that this was my grandfather, whom I had never met. He was right beside me and I felt a tingling feeling in my leg when he was there. I felt protected, comforted, nurtured and blessed. He was modest when he showed me that he was not a great teacher or master but was with me for guidance during a specific time. Another spirit guide came to guide me when I became a Second Degree Reiki healer. My Reiki Master who gave me my Reiki attunement told me that he could see a man dressed as a jester who tickled him as he was teaching me and who tickled the side of my face to let me know that he was helping me with my healing work.

Angels and spirit guides have different histories and different purposes. Angels are pure, divine consciousnesses that have generally not incarnated as people, so angels have never felt fear or pain. Angels create, organise, manage and administer the universe. Angels have a different path to enlightenment than people. There is an angel for every aspect of the Earth and for every part of human life and endeavour and every person has a guardian angel.

I was giving myself healing one day, lying on my bed. I was concentrating on resolving heart chakra issues of love and forgiveness, something that I had put much work into. Suddenly I sensed a huge ball of light that flew into my room and touched me. At that instant my heart chakra had immense healing and I had a feeling of wonderful love and joy that made me feel incredibly happy. I knew that this was the mighty Archangel Raphael who blessed me. It was sometime later that I read about Archangel Raphael's golden healing ball that takes healing to people.

Our spirit guides and angels love us absolutely and unconditionally, no matter what we do. Your divine guidance is always there, with you and since they know every thought in your mind, you just need to think a prayer and it is heard, listened to and acted upon. Such consciousnesses work at the speed of thought and they respond instantaneously to your thoughts and prayers.

A friend of mine, when he was young was playing in a tree above some metal railings with spikes on the top. He fell and was falling straight towards the metal spikes. He clearly remembers being pushed sideways in mid air (not by a person) so that he missed a spiky landing. Angels intercede whenever necessary so that our lives go according to a greater plan.

Spirit Guides and Angels work within hierarchical structures, with each one above being more loving, wise and powerful. So each consciousness has its own teacher and guide.

Everyone has at least one spirit guide who is with them all of the time. These wise and loving consciousnesses help you to develop as a person and spiritual being. If you ask your spirit guide to make themselves known you may feel their presence, hear their name or get a reassuring sign but even if you don't you can be assured that you are always blessed with abundant guidance. Such guidance can put a thought in your head at any time to guide you.

Near the beginning of my spiritual journey, at a time when I had less than no money, I was in a crowded shopping street before Christmas and I wanted to buy my father a book called The Celestine Prophecy but I simply couldn't afford it. I said prayers in my head as I walked along through the shopping crowds and then, suddenly there was a hole in the crowd and there, on the ground was a £10 note. I knew that it was intended for me and so I gave thanks and bought the book with it. I have no doubt that my divine guidance was giving me a message about the power of prayer and divine will.

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