Chapter 12 - Free Will and Destiny

Your mind is free in that you have the choice of thinking any thought that you like, any time you want. But the thoughts that come in to your mind may be affected by many different factors, notably:

  • your soul;
  • your divine guidance;
  • astrological influences;
  • other people‚Äôs choices.

So your will is free, but with influences upon it which can be overcome or ignored and you can ultimately choose what to think, say and do. Our lives are planned so that we will have the experiences that our souls need in order to learn and grow more loving and wise. Such plans are made by great consciousnesses who can predict most of our actions as well as those of others that affect our lives. We may have opportunities to make major changes in the courses of our lives but for some there may be little deviation from the agreed path.

The major choices that you make in your life may have already been anticipated and agreed with higher aspects of your consciousness and with the guidance of greater consciousnesses but you are mostly free to do as you choose. I'm sure that most people will have moments in their lives when their choice will significantly change things for themselves and others. Some such choices may seem small but can have effects that ripple through time and space. Ultimately there are no wrong choices. There may be choices that are wiser or more loving and those that are less so - choices that promote more love, peace and harmony and those that promote less. But ultimately all of our choices are learning opportunities.

In some cases the choices that significantly affect other people may have to be agreed with their soul and spirit and guides. So how can we have free will, if there are some things that are not allowed to be done to certain souls or their paths? Is there a divine will that that won't allow some things or insists on others? The short answer is 'yes'. Every good wish and prayer that intends divine blessings for people is, in effect, asking for divine intercession for the greatest good. If we pray that people are divinely helped we are effectively using our free will to ask that something good is done for people or a particular person or group. Just imagine how many prayers and blessings are said every minute of every day by people in acts of spiritual devotion.

I guess that there might be a conflict if I ask, for instance, that a person is helped to pass an exam when it would be for their good and for a greater good that they didn't pass it. This suggests that asking for 'blessings' for people is the wisest prayer for divine assistance in someone's life since our free will is then aligned with divine will.

Through your intent to be loving, wise and happy you can make conscious choices that guide you in the right direction and through your intent and thoughts you can guide your soul to a better and higher place. Through being mindful (aware of your conscious thoughts) you can get into the habit of thinking positive and loving thoughts that will in turn have a positive effect on your whole consciousness.

When we let go of control and intend that we are divinely guided, our thoughts and ideas that come to mind may be from outside of ourselves or from higher parts of our consciousness. This does not mean that we can go through life without having to be responsible for our decisions and actions - we should get to know ourselves so that we know where our thoughts come from and whether they are based on love or fear.

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