Chapter 25 - Healing Using Reiki


Reiki healing is always for the greatest good; it can never be abused or misused. Reiki healing goes to where it is needed, so it does not need to be directed. Reiki healing can work on every part of a person, of their body, mind and soul; it works on every chakra and every emotion; it works on their spirit and their karma. It can go to their past, present or future. Reiki healing can go to every part of a person, to every relationship of theirs and to every part of their life. Just trust that it is going to exactly where it is needed.

Reiki videos

You can watch videos about giving hands-on Reiki healing treatments on my YouTube channel.

Self healing

Through your intent to find out about yourself and to be healed and happy and through your commitment to change you have started the journey of self-healing. Through faith and trust in your divine guidance a load is lifted from your shoulders and you will know that you are going in the right direction.

The healing process itself can contain moments of exquisite love and joy and may even have times of releasing pain and sadness. Changes will happen in your life: many small ones and some larger ones but all changes will take you to a place of more happiness than you have known in your life.

Engaging the truth and finding out that we actually have nothing to fear is like taking off a huge suit of armour. It is removing the protection that we put in place due to our fear, the barriers that have kept out a great deal of life but have not actually made us more secure because our fear is on the inside. Once the armour is taken off we can breathe more easily, see more clearly, feel the pleasure of the sun and the wind and be liberated from our self-imposed imprisonment.

Many people suffer considerable trauma in their lives at some time and old wounds are another part of us that can be healed. The pain of separation from loved ones through bereavement or for other reasons can have a profound effect on people, as can any traumatic event. We all have coping mechanisms for such trauma that can often entail closing off a part of ourselves deep inside and this can be a subconscious self-protection measure. This protection can stay in place and the pain can stay buried until we undertake self-healing. It can keep a certain part of us blocked up and closed off and this is often exhibited as insecurity, an unwillingness to give or receive love or an inability to indulge in certain feelings, emotions or relationships.

Once you have been attuned to Reiki it is easy to give yourself Reiki healing; all that you do is use the hand positions to give yourself a treatment every day, if possible. This, together with your commitment to change and progression will heal you.

Healing someone else

It is not necessary to know about a person’s attitudes and beliefs in order to give them healing and they do not have to be prepared to change them in order to receive healing however it obviously makes a huge difference. Know that just by showing someone love and compassion you are helping them and effectively giving them healing and if someone wants to receive healing you are helping them just by the act of giving unconditionally. At the level of Reiki 1 you can give healing to friends and family and know that by this act of kindness and attention you are helping them and helping your relationships with them. But be prepared to go into a slightly different mode when you start healing with them. Try to put to one side the emotions that may naturally occur in your relationship.

Create an appropriate atmosphere and a sacred space and wash your hands before and after healing.

Explain to your recipient what you will do and put them at their ease. Tell them that the Reiki energy is an intelligent energy and that they will get just the right amount of healing. Get their permission to lay your hands on them and make sure that you do not intrude upon their body or space.

Whether the recipient is lying down or sitting in a chair, there is no problem if they drift off to sleep.

Adopting a healing attitude

Before giving a Reiki treatment affirm to yourself that after the healing you or the recipient will be a happier and healthier person. Be prepared to let go of things of the past that have caused pain and suffering and be prepared to embrace a new future that is bright. If you are healing another tell them this: tell them to be prepared to see things in a different way and let go of old stuff.

Have calm emotions and know that emotions are not necessary for healing; only love is necessary. Feel your unconditional love for yourself or your unconditional love for the person that you are healing and feel with all of your heart and all of your intent that you wish their pain and suffering to be alleviated. Affirm that the problems of another are not your problems, neither do you need or want them. Feel that you are not taking problems away from another, rather that Divine healing is neutralising their pain, changing darkness into light.

Affirm that you will give Reiki healing and feel your ever strengthening connection to the Reiki source. Know that the Reiki healing you are giving is for the greatest good and trust that you are being guided and the healing is happening.

Creating a sacred space

It can be a good idea to create a sacred space when doing healing. The more that you use a place for spiritual and Reiki practice, the more the place becomes imbued with positive energies. Before creating a sacred space it is important to make sure that the space is clear of clutter and that it feels comfortable. You may feel like making a small altar on which to light candles. Switch off telephones and put out the ‘do not disturb’ sign and take any necessary steps to keep from being disturbed.

Creating a sacred space can be done by sitting quietly and meditating for a while on your heart centre and intending and feeling that you and the space are filled with white or golden light. If you like, you can say a prayer to the great Reiki Masters, asking them to bless the healing space with their love and to cleanse it of unwanted energies. Or you could ask whatever you feel is most divine to help you to create a sacred space and visualise it being done. The power of your intent is everything.

Burning fragrance sticks and candles is actually very good for helping to create a sacred space. Playing some gentle and relaxing music can be good to help create the right atmosphere in your healing space and may help to calm the recipient of the healing.

Getting help

Pray to the Reiki Masters whatever you feel is most divine to bless you with divine guidance and to give their love to help heal the recipient. Pray that their love will heal the pain and suffering of the recipient and guide them to happiness. Know that Reiki always works for the greater good and trust that whatever happens is the right thing. When you are finished healing give thanks to those who have helped and guided you.

Helping Reiki energy to flow

Feel that you are a divine being, a part of this divine universe and know that by being a Reiki healer you are a conduit for divine love. Feel your heart chakra spinning round as you feel unconditional love for all things. Feel a beautiful ray of healing light come from above your head into your head and down through your chakras into your heart chakra; feel the light move from your heart chakra down each arm into the palms of your hands and a beam of light come from each palm into the recipient. Also feel light entering directly through the back of each hand, enhancing the beams of light already coming from your palms. Feel that through your love and through the love of the Divine healers with you the pain and suffering of the recipient will be healed.

Know that healing will happen, whatever you do and that it will always be for the best. But also know that healing is increased by the strength of your intent to heal, by the strength of your unconditional love and compassion and by your prayers for healing.

Placing your hands

With your Reiki 1 attunement you need, as much as possible to actually place your hand on the person: however, this will always need to be done with respect to the recipient’s body and their personal space. Where the hands cannot be placed on the client, touching them, the hands should be held just away from the body. Ask your client before you start healing or during the session whether they feel comfortable with your hands in certain positions. You should be aware what is acceptable and ask your client to be explicit about what they feel comfortable with and what they don’t. Apply discretion. Where it may be suitable to place a hand on the front of a man’s chest it would not be suitable with a woman. Equally the base chakra is a place which often needs a lot of work but where no hands can be placed. The way to overcome any awkwardness or embarrassment is to clearly ask the healing recipient and agree with them, before the session which areas may be touched and which may not.

With your Reiki 1 attunement you need, as much as possible to actually place your hand on the person: however, this will always need to be done with respect to the recipient’s body and their personal space. Ask your client before you start healing or during the session whether they feel comfortable with your hands in certain positions. You should be aware of what is acceptable and ask your client to be explicit about what they feel comfortable with and what they don’t. Where it may be suitable to place a hand on the front of a man’s chest it would not be suitable with a woman. Likewise, the base chakra is a place which requires healing but where no hands can be placed. In such cases the hands can be held just over the area, without any contact. The way to overcome any awkwardness or embarrassment is to clearly ask the healing recipient and agree with them, before the session where the hands may be placed and where they may not. I always ask if the client is happy for me to put my hands on their solar plexus and sacral areas since some people may not want their abdomen to be touched. It can take practice to become confident and relaxed when giving a treatment and practice to communicate fluently with your client and put them at ease.

You can see videos about how to give Reiki treatments with a client seated and on a treatment couch at my YouTube channel.

The connectedness of all things

All things in this universe are connected in that however great or small their individual consciousness we are all made of the same basic energy and we all originate from the same source. The senses of the crown chakra let us feel that we are all part of a universal consciousness and that all things are one. This is the feeling of divine love – a sense of the unity of all things and that despite our feelings of individuality, the oneness of everything in every plane of consciousness, whether living or not, is a mighty powerful thing. This unity is greater than the unity of human group consciousness, greater than the unity of the consciousnesses that revolve around our sun for it firmly links the many billions of galaxies in the universe and everything therein. This unity means that we are permanently in contact with everything, no matter where it is and we can use this sense of connection to send Reiki to anything, whether it is next door or across the other side of the universe.

An example of how this can be used in practice is when you Reiki food you can send Reiki to everything connected with that food, intending that any pain or suffering caused to any creature or thing through growing and bringing the food to you is healed. This is a technique that can require practice and concentration but that is an advanced spiritual practice and has wondrous results. In the way that we reduce our carbon footprint or do things to offset it, so by this method we can neutralise the damage we do to the Earth and the living things upon it. You may think that the damage has already been done, so how can this be undone? Well, universal unity does not only bridge the vastness of space but of time as well. Reiki healing fixes the past and future as well as the present. By using Reiki to undo the damage done to the Earth and living things upon it we are healing the planet but we are also neutralising the karmic debt as well. By giving this healing to food you are clearing the karma associated with receiving that food.

Reiki healing at a distance

At the level of Reiki 2, initiates learn to send healing at a distance however I feel that it is of use to start practicing at this stage. If there is someone whom you love and wish to heal and who is absent, then simply build up your feeling of an open heart chakra and of Reiki healing coming in through your crown chakra, into your heart and down your arms and out through your hands. Imagine that your hands are each bigger than the person you are sending Reiki to and imagine your hands each side of them, not touching them but radiating Reiki healing energy to them. At the same time you can say prayers and intend that the universe is helping to heal that person. This really works and you can trust that you have divine help in healing that person.

Healing other things

Embrace Reiki as a part of your life and use it as much as possible. Remember that every time you use Reiki you are bringing divine love to Earth for healing. You can Reiki your food; as you do so you can intend that all of the creatures that have suffered pain in the making of the food are healed and that the food is energised with positive energy. Likewise you can Reiki water and other drinks.

You can Reiki any living thing, including plants. You can heal animals with Reiki but be aware that you should not force healing on them. My experience of healing dogs and cats is that they just get up and walk away when they've had enough.

You can Reiki medicines, especially homeopathic or natural remedies. You can Reiki crystals to cleanse them and imbue them with positive energies. You can Reiki a book that you are reading and it will be more easily digested and remembered, if that is for the greater good. You can Reiki machines, batteries and fuels. You can Reiki anything!

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