Chapter 9 - The Meaning of Life

We are here to be as truly happy as we can and to grow more loving and wise through the opportunities and challenges that we have in our lifetimes. We are here to freely choose to love and as we do so we experience the happiness that this brings ourselves and others. We learn that happiness comes from within ourselves and is reflected back at us by the world and the universe around us. We are here to be happy and to delight in the joys that life brings.

We are also here to develop and grow - to expand our consciousness by becoming more loving and wise and it is possible to know and love this universe and everything in it. We are conscious on infinite planes of consciousness, from the physical planes that we can touch, through emotional, mental and spiritual planes of consciousness, right up to the ultimate reality or divine source.

The human incarnation is both challenging and rewarding and we have chosen this path for development of our souls. Our challenges cause pain but also growth and the rich rewards are inner happiness and outer harmony. The Earth is a place of stunning beauty with abundant life and amazing people and when we find enjoyment and happiness in any part of our lives here, then we are reaping the rewards of human existence.

Our souls learn through many lifetimes that inner balance brings happiness and harmony and that imbalance brings pain and suffering. We generally grow unevenly and this brings imbalance and pain which spurs our consciousness to grow in those areas that it has avoided due to fear. People, events and situations in our lifetimes both create fears within the soul and present us with opportunities to face them, grow and overcome them. Although most human lifetimes will inevitably entail some pain and suffering which we can strive to understand and overcome, our lives abound with unlimited potential for love and happiness. Learning about ourselves, other people, our relationships, the world and the universe brings wisdom, and loving these things brings harmony and peace.

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