Chapter 22 - Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being aware of our thoughts and feelings and accepting them. Being mindful gives us insight into our souls and can help us to make positive and wise changes within. This can have a powerful effect on our lives and greatly help our healing.

The word mind means different things to different people, so I will just explain what I mean. I use the word mind to mean the conscious mind - the thinking, analysing chatter that goes on in our heads. Actually this kind of analytical thought is connected more with our solar plexus chakra - with ego, will and personality. This aspect of our consciousness is very controllable in that we are free to think any thoughts that we like.

The soul is the name that I give to what some people call the subconscious mind. This is the far greater part of our consciousness that is conscious on all of those different levels and that has the chakras as centres. This is the part that learns and grows over hundreds of lifetimes and so is far greater than most of us recognise.

The soul has a vast range of conscious feelings, from our universal oneness of the crown chakra to our physical survival of the base chakra. Our logic and analysis may be able to understand the soul in limited ways and we can apply our will to make changes, however, this is best done with insight, wisdom and divine guidance.

To be mindful is to try to be aware, accepting and understanding of the feelings in our souls and where possible and wise, to have positive influences on our consciousness. Some of our feelings may be strong, overt and understood and some may be more subtle, deep and hidden. We may sense them easily and fully or they may be so subtle that we only sense them in meditation, when the mind is quiet and we listen carefully.

For instance, if you meet someone to whom you have an instant dislike, just being aware of those feelings and accepting them is a positive thing, even if you don't want to feel like that and you don't know why you feel like that. In my experience there are a couple of different reasons for this: the first is that you have shared animosity with this person in previous lives, perhaps several, and that meeting them has brought up these feelings again. The second scenario is that you have a fear and pain in sympathy with something inside them. Here, then is an opportunity for growth and development: mindfulness leads to permissive discovery of feelings and after acceptance of your feelings you can learn to move them aside while you investigate the reasons for them, through meditation and prayer.

Our conscious thoughts can be indicators of inner imbalances. For instance thoughts about not being good enough could indicate a diminished personal power (solar plexus chakra), thoughts of revenge indicates lack of forgiveness and love (heart chakra) and feelings of unfairness could indicate lack of trust in divine justice (throat chakra). So awareness of our thoughts and feelings can help us to understand ourselves to deep levels.

With increased self-awareness comes the possibility of using our will to direct our consciousness to help us to have wiser and more loving feelings and thoughts but we should not be too authoritative or controlling of our inner selves. Just recognising thoughts and feelings is very positive and our determination to go deeper to find out the root causes of them will inevitably lead to them surfacing and being released.

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