Chapter 17 - Psychic Safety

For most people on a wise spiritual path the issue of psychic safety is not very relevant but it is a subject that there is some misunderstanding about. Many people who do Reiki healing or spiritual work are told to protect themselves in various ways and this can promote fear or even lead to poor practices.

Some people are very sensitive to energies and may feel unwanted energies around them, when meditating or giving a Reiki treatment. If we sense an unpleasant energy we are being intentionally allowed to sense it by our divine guides and protectors and they may be allowing only a limited effect of the energy to reach us. The reasons that we may be allowed to feel such energies will normally be connected with our own fears, growth and healing. One of the main reasons for such energies being able to affect us is because we have fear and pain that is in sympathy with that energy. Such energies may affect us to greater or lesser degrees, depending on the amount of our own issues and the strength of the external energy.

Even if we are not aware of such energies, we have energies around us most of our lives that are allowed to challenge us and provoke growth, even if they are mild and we don't notice them. We also have abundant loving energies around us all the time. Any relationship that is consciously challenging will almost certainly be working at all sorts of levels of consciousness to help us to grow. I have seen cases where people have consciously chosen paths to do spiritual work and despite being peace-loving people have encountered challenging energies at all sorts of levels of consciousness which are there to help them to purge fears. 

The most important aspect of psychic safety is to know that you have protection all of the time and in order to understand challenging energies you need to become more self-aware and strive for balance. The deep desire and intent to know yourself will ultimately free you from fear. In this world there will always be misguided, fearful or even malevolent energies that can impose upon us but we are always protected from these energies by guardian angels and great teachers, guides and protectors who have all the power necessary to protect us as needed. Any energies that impose upon us are allowed through by these divine beings and the ones that aren't allowed through we won't be aware of because they will never even touch us.

People who are on a conscious spiritual path, just as those who are not, may have energies, relationships and situations that challenge them in order to help them learn, grow and heal. And every relationship involves complex exchanges of energies, some of which may seem unpleasant but which are always under divine authority and ultimately serve to help our souls to be rid of deep fears and pain. We will also have a great many benevolent energies with us at all times from incarnate souls as well as divine beings and their love and wisdom helps and guides us. All people are divine manifestations and we are all on spiritual paths. Our outer worlds (including our relationships with other people) reflect our inner worlds (our souls) and there are few people who are completely aware of every aspect of their souls enough to explain everything that they draw to them in their lives but this is something worth striving for. So if you encounter strange energies the wise thing to do is to meditate and pray for insight and understanding of why you have drawn this energy to you and how it is helping you. Also you should trust that any such energy is under divine authority.

People who are sensitive to the energies of others may be able to feel different energies around them. Sensing strong or unpleasant energies may be because the sacral chakra has unclear boundaries and is in the habit of reaching out to other people's sacral chakra energies. Or a person's heart chakra may be too open if they are on a mission to heal the world. In such a case what is really needed is understanding of the way that the person engages with others and working on clear boundaries. People who can feel the emotional pain of others probably have imbalances of the sacral chakra or heart chakra.

We don't generally feel the need for personal protection when we walk down the street but we might avoid certain places, situations or people. It is worth applying common sense and taking reasonable precautions as long as we have our fears in perspective.

Saying prayers and invoking divine blessings is a wise course of action. Here is a good meditation and affirmation of protection that you may or may find beneficial. Sit and meditate and imagine the eighth chakra - a golden chakra above your crown chakra and just outside your aura (about an arm's length around you and above you). This is the chakra which is your connection to your higher self and spirit guides. Send a chord of light up from your crown chakra to the golden chakra as you reach out for divine protection. Now bring down a golden light from the golden chakra and let it fill every part of your body and soul at every level of consciousness, so that every chakra becomes filled with golden light. Now let the golden light fill your aura to the very edge.

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