Chapter 15 - Psychism

Every person is psychic but we are psychic to varying degrees and in varying ways. The natural variation in psychism is the same in people as natural variation in height and hair colour and in all things in nature. The way and the extent to which people sense the subtle energies of chakras, of spirit guides or angels varies a lot. Some people are very psychic from birth and see or sense spirits all of their lives, while some people can try really hard but sense very little. Most people are somewhere in between and can sense energies or information when they are relaxed.

We sense energies beyond the physical in a variety of ways and at different levels of consciousness - through different chakras. The methods of perception are usually described as clairsentience for the crown chakra (sensing information), clairvoyance for the third eye (seeing information) and clairaudience for the throat chakra (hearing information). We are clairsentient at most levels of consciousness and we can sense emotional energies through the sacral chakra, for instance. In my experience the sensing of energies is rather complex and is not as straightforward as some people may think.

My advice to people is generally to learn to tune in to themselves and their spiritual guidance more clearly. This does not necessarily mean that you will clearly sense, see or hear a spirit guide and this is not necessary. Your spiritual guides will ensure that if you try to gain insight into yourself you will surely learn the truth. All that is required from you is faith in your divine guidance, trust in yourself and have determination to learn and the ability to look and listen for guidance in a variety of places. Some people can sense clear information straight away from their divine guidance and that is wonderful and certainly helpful for self-understanding but not essential. The ability to see, hear or sense spiritual information does not in itself make someone more loving or wise. Being psychically sensitive does not necessarily mean that someone is more spiritual or divinely connected.

A common question for those who are not so psychic is how do you know that what you are receiving is really divine guidance? The answer to that is it takes faith and trust in yourself. Generally those that question whether the guidance is divine or not are those who may have less faith and who are looking for proof. Divine guidance does generally not give proof, it relies on your faith and if you take a small leap of faith it will be rewarded. With a genuine, deep commitment to spiritual progression, using prayer to reinforce your desire for divine union, to understand yourself, to be rid of fear and to live a better life you experience a deep oneness and knowing. This does not mean that you can become complacent and accept the slightest feeling as divine guidance. We always need to be discerning. There is always the matter of trying to differentiate between what is divine guidance and what is from the mind. Even experienced psychics and mediums can get mixed up sometimes and attribute that which is coming from inside them to external guidance.

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