Chapter 7 - The Reiki First Degree Attunements

The Reiki first degree attunements connect you to the Reiki source and allow healing energy to flow through you. The attunements are passed by a Reiki Master in a sacred ceremony that connects upper chakras and the chakras in the palms of the hands to the Reiki source using sacred Reiki symbols. This attunement does not take very long; it does not hurt and it lasts for life. The attunement process is divinely guided so that it is always done perfectly.

The attunement has different effects on different people but most people won't feel any instant change because of the attunement. A very few people may experience some flu-like symptoms afterwards, but this is really nothing to worry about. Some people may have spiritual experiences - feelings or visions or may feel elated at various times. For about the first three weeks after the attunements the initiate is being healed and cleared as a channel for the healing energy and so Reiki healers may feel some effects during this period. I did not feel anything very much during or straight after my first degree attunement but people whom I have attuned and know have reported a variety of different feelings or effects.

I recommend that for the three weeks following the attunements initiates should meditate every day, even if for only a short while. Meditating on the Reiki energies and asking for help with healing yourself is useful. The attunements have different effects on different people and initiates should follow their intuition as to what to do; you may feel that you need do nothing. Saying prayers - asking for blessings from the Reiki Masters, Teachers and Guides is something that I would recommend.

I strongly recommend that Reiki 1 initiates give themselves a daily healing. I found this difficult at first and some will feel the energies flowing more than others, but this really is the best way to improve the power of your healing and to heal yourself. Persevere with giving yourself a daily Reiki treatment, even if it is not a full treatment, since this will initiate and sustain change and healing at all levels of your being.

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