Chapter 27 - Second Degree Reiki

The First Degree Reiki attunement means that you can channel Reiki healing energies any time that you choose, for the rest of your life - you do not need to have this attunement again. There may come a time that you feel that you wish to be initiated into Second Degree Reiki and this may be a good thing for you to do. Many Reiki teachers suggest waiting for a period of at least three months between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. If you feel that you wish to take your Reiki Second Degree I suggest that you meditate on it and ask for divine guidance so that you can find an answer. If Second Degree Reiki is an appropriate step for you, then you will be guided to the right Reiki teacher for you when the time is right.

An initiation into a degree is, as the name suggests, the initial step onto a higher stage. It is the beginning of another part of the Reiki journey that will require learning and understanding in order to make the most of it. Although I have been initiated into the degree of Reiki Master, this does not mean that I have mastered Reiki or even mastered myself. It is a step I have taken to signify my intent to practice at a higher level and to teach others. I feel that a Second Degree Reiki initiate should have the intent to practice Reiki on other people and also have the intent to move themselves to a higher level of Reiki and spiritual practice.

I feel very strongly that we heal more by who we are than what we do. By moving through an inner journey of self-discovery and healing and through our intent to become healthier and happier we create a more rounded personality that shines with love and wisdom. Just by being like this we are setting an example to those that we would heal. Some of my Reiki First and Second Degree initiates who have persevered in making positive life changes as well as spiritual progress have, at first, incurred disdain from those close to them. Family and friends may feel fear about the impending changes to their relationships. However, with continued effort the Reiki healers have found that they gradually gain the respect of those in their lives who can see the positive effects that it is having upon them. Their friends and loved ones can see that the pursuit of truth and balance has led them to a better place and through this they wish to have some of the same and will ask them for Reiki treatments. Such is the effect of the Reiki healer who is committed to their own progression that they stir the desire for healing and positive life changes in others.

I fully believe that when we are initiated into Reiki, as if we were initiated into any spiritual commitment, that we are offering ourselves up to be instruments of divine will and this carries a degree of trust and faith. With Reiki we are offering ourselves to be instruments of divine healing and peace and at Second Degree Reiki we are affirming our commitment to this path. Many people can take First Degree Reiki and later decide that Reiki is not for them but I feel that Second Degree Reiki can be a significant commitment for devoted souls.

I have known people who want or hope that a Reiki attunement will give them spiritual growth without effort - unearned spiritual merit. We should be aware that this is not the case. However seemingly powerful the effects of an attunement may be, we are deluded to think that the attunement takes us forward any more than is warranted. I believe that the Reiki Second Degree attunement happens at the right time for a Reiki healer and consequently many initiates are already at the right point in their soul journey for Reiki level 2 and so when it happens it can feel like they have arrived at an important destination. We undertake Second Degree Reiki knowing that we are committing to personal and spiritual development and to helping and healing others.

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