Chapter 10 - The Soul

What you imagine to be you – the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs that make you, the individual, is mostly your soul – the consciousness that temporarily occupies your body for its lifetime. The soul is what psychologists call the subconscious mind and it is a huge and powerful consciousness that has learned and grown through many lifetimes: perhaps even hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Our minds are free to think any thoughts that we like but the thinking part of us is tiny compared to the vast consciousnesses that are our souls and our thoughts are influenced by our souls.

Our souls are conscious on a vast range of planes of consciousness and each part of this range is related to a particular aspect of the soul. The soul experiences its internal relationship with itself, its external relationship with other people and relationships with the earth and the universe.

The soul is the consciousness that is incarnated as you and the chakras are the main centres of consciousness of the soul. Each chakra has a consciousness of its own and is conscious on a range of planes of consciousness (or dimensions). Our complete soul is like a microcosm of the universe because we are conscious on all of the planes of consciousness, from the physical to the ultimate reality and it is through love and wisdom that we grow and become more conscious of the universe and everything in it.

Physical, mental and emotional problems (pain and suffering) arise through imbalances in the soul and we can discover what our imbalances are by examining and understanding ourselves. By examining our chakras it is possible to find out what fears and false beliefs we have that create conflict and pain within the soul. Inner fears lead to imbalances and conflict within the soul and will not just manifest as mental, emotional and physical health problems but they will be reflected in the people, relationships, situations, world and universe around us. Our love and wisdom, and fear and pain are reflected back at us by everything in our lives. So by examining our lives we can find out about our inner love, wisdom, fear and pain and understand our souls better.

Choosing to think wise and loving thoughts can absolutely change our lives and can affect our souls, however our deepest fears will usually need more than positive thinking to be overcome. We can find out about our souls through examining our lives, meditating and seeking divine guidance. Fears are purged by painful situations in our lives but by understanding our fears we can make the process of finding balance and good health much easier. We attract to us the experiences that exacerbate our fears until we overcome them and we also attract the love and kindness that is within our souls and which radiate out to the world. Our souls learn and grow through many incarnations and become ever more loving, wise and conscious. Divine love is the foundation of the universe and the more balanced and conscious we become the more this flows through us.

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