Chapter 11 - The Higher Self or Spirit

We are each a part of our higher self, spirit or consciousness that is the greater part of us. Only a small part of your higher self is incarnated as your soul because the higher self is normally too vast a consciousness to fit into a human soul. Our higher selves are conscious of everything that our souls are and are guiding and experiencing the learning of our souls. However, our higher selves do not generally have the fear or pain that our souls do, depending upon their growth (their degree of love and wisdom, or their degree of consciousness). But generally we can consider our higher selves as perfect, however small or great they are.

I once read that no more than 50% of the higher self can incarnate and that there is a limit to how much consciousness can actually fit into the current human soul. This made me wonder about my higher self and I asked for divine help with understanding this. One day I was lying down, contemplating my soul and suddenly it was as though my consciousness was transferred to my higher self. It was as though I was immense compared to my normal state. I could still feel my body but it was as though it was tiny compared to myself and it was as though I was remote yet connected. This, I knew was my higher self showing me that it was a much greater consciousness than my lower self – my soul. And then the situation reversed and I felt as though I was bloated, dense and heavy: I was being showed that no more of my higher consciousness could fit into my soul.

Every thought, word, deed, feeling and emotion of your life is experienced by your higher self. Every nuance and every action of your soul at every level is experienced by your spirit. You are not judged, you are just loved completely unconditionally and there is nothing that you can do to stop that.

I have been told quite clearly that my higher self is my main spirit guide and that it is more than 10,000 years old. It makes me feel safe and comforted to know that I am a part a great consciousness to which I am inexorably connected. I don’t know if my higher self has another soul incarnated at the same time as me or how many incarnations my soul has had. I have more questions than answers but this seems like a healthy state.

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