Chapter 8 - Ultimate Reality

I use the term ultimate reality to refer to the highest aspect of consciousness of this universe - that which is most divine. Some people may think of this as a supreme being or a state of nirvana or enlightenment.

Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus worship an omnipotent God while Buddhists and Taoists see the absolute as more of a state of consciousness. David Goddard, in his book Tree of Sapphires writes this: "There are potential drawbacks to thinking of the Supreme Reality as either a person or a state. Because all images are concepts based on finite experience…In conceiving the Absolute as a person, you embrace the idea, in your subconscious, that some things may be given or withheld by that person – that some beings are favoured and others not. On the other hand, when you conceive of the One Reality as a state, you imply that there is no personal relationship and that you must reach it unaided by the ineffable, solely by your own efforts." The Buddha did not answer the question of whether or not there is a God because he thought that the concept was a distraction - we do not need to contemplate this in order to become wiser and more loving or to become enlightened.

Many mystics believe that ultimate reality is something that can never be understood by the human mind and that we can only start to glimpse suggestions of it in our moments of deepest meditation and greatest love but I feel that we are all inexorably connected to and a part of this divine universe and therefore we embody and ensoul divine principles.

Your beliefs are your own and your feelings may transcend words or explanations but I feel that meditation and contemplation of this issue is like seeking ultimate truth and is therefore worthwhile. To grow and develop our spirituality requires allowing positive changes and whatever our spiritual or religious beliefs are now we can trust that a process of wise growth can in no way diminish what we currently hold most sacrosanct.

Thoughts or prayers that have the highest intent are equally loving and wonderful whether they are intended for the universe or for a supreme being. We are each a part of this divine universe and our concepts of the ultimate reality does not make us any less divine or any less a part of it. Doubt is just the part of belief which is in transition from ignorance to understanding and from fear to faith.

I have found that truth unfolds for those who intend and try to find it. If you want to know the greater mysteries of the universe, then you can embark on the journey to discover it. The wise person tries to discover as much about their inner self as the outer world and universe because we can't know what we're seeing if we don't know from what perspective and through what lens we are looking.

The subject of ultimate reality is relevant to your journey through life because your destination defines your path.

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